About ManAlive

ManAlive is a weekly meeting of men who are seeking personal growth in relationships, purity and manhood. We are committed to each other and to the process of getting better together. We came because we recognized a need. We stay because we made friends.

10 years ago we started with a few men in lawn chairs on the ball field. Today, hundreds meet weekly here in Redding, California and many more in online groups and in churches around the world.

What does our logo represent?

MA Logo IconSince our true identity starts in God, the man alive icon is based on the original ancient Hebrew word for Man which is Adam (ah-dahm) instead of the English word Man. The first letter of Adam is the Hebrew letter Aleph (ah-lef) and is the “father” of the Hebrew Aleph-bet. The original pictograph of this letter represents an ox, the ability to bring increase, strength and leader. These are all powerful attributes that our creator calls us to be as family leaders. Aleph is also a silent letter and is the foremost in it’s order. It has a numeric value of 1 and it alludes to the deep, indescribable mysteries of the oneness of God.

So when God says let us make man in our own image, even the name for Man (Adam) alludes to how closely we were intended to be in oneness and intimacy with Him and our need to have healthy connection with others around us.