Rodger Gaskin has a long history of discipling men into freedom. With a B.A. in Religion from Vanguard University of Southern California, a Master of Social Work from CSU, Fresno and 20 years as a social worker, he has gained invaluable experience in how to help people confront and overcome maladaptive behavioral patterns.

Rodger currently resides in Redding, CA where he works with men at Bethel’s Men’s Purity Group. With a foundation in scripture and engaging the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, he works with men who struggle with heterosexual and homosexual acting out, pornography, compulsive masturbation, passivity, and other behaviors that compromise their faith and diminish who they are.

Working with Rodger will help you confront and overcome destructive beliefs and sin patterns in your life. You will learn to integrate biblical beliefs and develop the life skills you need to walk in sexual purity and ever-increasing freedom. It’s not just about stopping a problem. It’s about developing you as a powerful person who has the skills to ride the storms of life and experience abundant life that Jesus has promised.

Jerry PicJerry Coughlin has 25 years coaching and mentoring young men and couples. He has a BS from Syracuse University, an MBA from Liberty University. He has theological and counseling training from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Emmaus Bible Institute. He is a certified Anger Management trainer and is certified counselor by the Gottman Institute. He has also been through the Bethel Church SOZO training. Jerry is also a leader in Bethel’s men’s Group, Man Alive.

Jerry is the father of five children. He is an avid sportsman. With this life experience, he combines a father’s heart with a coach’s ability to push you a little further than you think you can go. His philosophy is that sometimes people need a hug and other times a kick in the pants.

Jerry’s vulnerable, raw style will help you discover the root causes of what you are experiencing and move beyond managing symptoms. Jerry’s passion is to see you living out the fullness of your destiny and become who you were born to be.

“I can provide you with coaching and pastoral counseling to help you walk through some of the deeper issues that are too complex to process out in a small group setting. Also I can provide insight and coaching to help you deal with areas in which you feel stuck. Meeting by Skype is a convenient way of giving you extra tools to process your pain.” – Andy Flaherty

Originally from Manchester, England, Andy has been involved with Bethel’s Men Pursuing Sexual Purity group for 3 years. Previously, he was involved in a living waters group. Andy has walked out of 16 years of addiction to pornography, and has been free for 8 years. Andy’s wife, Liz, has led women’s purity groups and together they have a wealth of insight into processing pain, finding freedom, and coming out of sexual brokenness.

Andy Flaherty is committed to following God whole and free from sexual brokenness. He walks the walk of purity and freedom of heart. He learned the hard way that you have to fight for you emotional freedom, for healing of your heart and to keep your penis under control. With a sage like blend of wisdom and humor, Andy is winning the battle for his own purity for almost nine years and has been coaching men in fighting for their freedom for almost three years.

Ken HeadshotKen Williams began a pursuit of his true sexual identity in 1987 when the homosexual desires and suicidal thoughts became out of control.  His desperate journey led to three transformational years at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding, California, and beyond.  He holds a B. S. in Marketing/Finance and has been an associate pastor of Bethel Church and Global Legacy in Redding since 2006. His passion to see the one who feels detestable become the freedom fighter led him to co-found Equipped to Love (a ministry to those impacted by homosexuality).  Ken also serves Bethel’s ManAlive (men’s purity) group and Moral Revolution as a lecturer, writer and minister. His greatest joys are his beautiful wife and their four incredible children.

Nick Harper has been a long time leader for us on Monday nights. He currently runs and facilitates our online groups with the desire to help men find lasting freedom. Nick has a naturally compassionate, and empathetic approach to guiding people away from shame and into truth. He understands the pain that men face, because he has been there himself. He knows how to feel, how to talk, and will allow you to do the same, the very thing you need to heal. His desire is to see you totally alive, thriving, and living with a whole heart.

Nick is a dedicated father to four children, and has been married to his beautiful wife Gabriella for over ten years. He is a graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and has served as a staff member at Bethel Church for many years. He enjoys time with his family, the great outdoors, and seeking adventure.