Join A Group

To The Point

This is where it starts, a decision. A decision to be honest with yourself, with what’s going on inside, or to continue the status quo and continue to get what you’re getting. Whether you visit hookers weekly and masturbate everyday and have for the past 20+ years, or you just know there’s something not quite right inside, this group will help you grow toward health and life.

This group teaches men how to face their fear, not run from pain, and well… be men. To stand up and grab life by the balls, put aside passivity, and live life as God intended- FREE.

This isn’t an “accountability group”. Accountability coming from others to govern your inner world, doesn’t work. What you need is to learn how you’re doing, ask for help before you need it, and move past shame. It won’t happen by itself and WILL require a lot from you. But how bad do you want to move from where you’re at? That’s why we ask for a minimum 6 month commitment, and some skin in the game- $200 for a lifetime membership*. But every guy who sticks with it says that it’s worth every penny, tear and drop of sweat- this is your life we’re talking about. You are worth fighting for. Do you, your family, your church and your world a favor, and sign up for a group.

*(If you choose to leave the group on bad terms, the fee will be required again to rejoin the group. If you leave on good terms, you can rejoin later with no charge.)

Join An Online Group

Our ManAlive online groups operate exactly like our small groups do on Monday night. We have great worship, testimonies, games, and speakers. But what works, what really gets men better, is the small group.

We have been very successful in helping men get free from destructive habits, and to get their life, their marriage, their work, and their relationships back together and back in order. I’m not just talking about surviving, but thriving in every area of their life. It’s a team sport and we need each other to get better, and the small group is what will get you there.

Our online groups are for both individuals and for churches. Multiple groups are meeting weekly online right now that will help you not only get better but find what brings you alive.

It is one of the finest discipleship models in the world. You will love it, and the men in your church will love you for it. When you have the hearts of the men, you have the hearts of the Church. You will get better, and your better will influence every one you are in relationship with. In the marketplace, in your family, community, and in your church. Contact us to get started.


*If you are a female and interested in joining an all-female group, please contact us.

Start A Group At Your Church

This would be a great idea that could very well change your church from the inside out! To start a group at your church, the first step is to join a Redding or Online Group yourself. You really need to be a part of a group first, before trying to lead one. You’ve lead other groups you say? You are probably amazing, but trust us, we’ve seen this over and over with super capable people and the results are 99% of the time the same, it just doesn’t work unless you’ve been in group first. Once you’ve been in group for at least 6 months, and you still want to start a group at your church, bring it up to your group leader at that time.