“I first started with men’s group when I was in Redding California three years ago. I went to group for a year and began to discover the root causes of my masturbation and long-term singleness problems. This was only the start of a longer journey. I was so screwed up that it needed a lot more time than a year. When I left it was extremely difficult for me to continue back in South Africa. The men here find it difficult to be intimate and after only one year of men’s group in Redding, I wasn’t at a very strong place to lead at home. My SA men’s group stuttered along.

A year and a half later, I got the opportunity to join the Man Alive team – a once-a-week google hangout men’s purity group session led by Mark Petersen for six months.  What a privilege this has been for me. After 34 years of being single, I’ve finally found an amazing women and we’re getting married in a few months. God has been leading me through increased levels of purity. And the men’s group in SA has had an injection of life – my own leadership is changed having seen how to lead it properly, and with the strength of getting internally better.

The Man Alive purity group has been pivotal to helping me get to this place. If you are in your own country disconnected from true intimate relationships with other men, you have a penis problem and you are prepared to do what it takes to get better, I strongly recommend that you consider a season doing men’s group at Bethel. If that is something you cannot do, then join Man Alive. Essentially, it provides a safe space to be vulnerable in relationship with others while simultaneously having others coach you through getting better. My only regret is that I didn’t start this earlier. You can if you start now.”

Phil Haslam
South Africa

“Being 40, 10 yrs married and a business owner, my biggest need as a man is to find a safe place to display. ManAlive was it. Whether I felt a 2” loser or a 10” don, the guys watched, listened and acknowledged. And no matter what, they championed me to get back out there. Mark Peterson’s the real hero here. He went first when it wasn’t safe, and created the thing I’d been looking for my entire adult life. I’ll be grateful forever.”

James Rugg
United Kingdom